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The job of a plumber is not easy. Broken, clogged toilets, dirty bathrooms, it’s all really nasty. But the money is okay, I guess. That’s why Ava Addams and Dava Foxx find themselves in an unenviable position when two plumbers who worked in their bathroom find a big black dildo as a reason for toilet clogging, and charge it two thousand dollars. As expected, two young and hot chicks obviously do not have that kind of money, so they try to talk their way out of the situation, but after seeing that’s not going to work, they find another, more convenient solution.

They tell to two plumbers that they need to agree on how they’re going to pay for the service, and they go in the room next door. After a few minutes of yelling and shouting inside that room, two stunningly hot and busty brunettes get out fully naked, as plumbers are surprised, since they did not see this coming. In exchange for the plumbing service, girls have decided to suck their cocks instead of paying them out. How convenient. We all knew that this was an offer that two plumbers could not have rejected.

Then we get a cut to a scene where two hot brunettes ride the plumbers, who probably didn’t even think about the money the girls owned them. Ava and Dava (hey, even their names rhyme), managed to ride those plumber so good, that all they could think about was how hard they were going to cum all over these slutty girls.

Ava really enjoyed her cock, as she was the loudest person there (which usually happens when there’s Ava), and she kept things spiced up by kissing sexy Dava on top of the guys.

After riding them, the girls went into doggystyle pose, where the guys really tested out their flexibility (and also fucked them in the ass). I guess you could say that doggystyle is Ava Addams favorite pose, as she always moans the most when she’s put down like that, and she always puts her sexy little head on the surface, enjoying that cock inside her.

After fucking the girls doggystyle, guys couldn’t handle it anymore and they came all over the girls. Since they got what they wanted (and I’m not talking about getting away without paying), the girls then ordered the plumbers to continue with the work, to which they obviously couldn’t say “no”, as they had an agreement.



In this particular porn we see Ava Addams as a hot, busty, cock-hungry doctor, who receives a patient with penis problems. He seems to have issues with his boner, but luckily, Ava is there to help. After examining her patients cock, she crunches down to get a closer look to it. As the man is not expecting it, the hot doctor Ava starts jerking him off, to see if she can achieve a boner. The patient looks surprised, but Ava seems determined in her will to cure the patient’s issue.

As she orders her patient to lay down on his back, she leaves us all stunned with how amazing her boobs look in that shirt after she takes her doctor suit off. When finally dressed off, Ava lays over her patient, to see what she, as a doctor, can do to help him. After all, it’s a serious issue, and it needs to be taken care off.

After what seemed a great blowjob for the patient, who was speechless, Ava managed to get his cock to a full length. But that’s not where she wanted to stop, as Ava continued to fuck her patient.

Her patient then proceeds to fuck her, as she proves to him that he was only fucking the wrong girls. As he is fucking her pussy, she makes it wet for him by rubbing her around with her fingers.

Ava continues to ride her patient, as she is a dedicated doctor, and won’t let her patients cock reach its previous state. She really makes sure her patients don’t need to come back to her, even though we are positive that they always do.

After fucking her pussy hard, her patient kneels down to lick her pussy and keep it moist, which Ava fully enjoys. After licking her pussy, the patient won’t let Ava’s asshole to feel left out, as he devours Ava’s asshole with his mouth. She really lets him feel all of her asshole, all while he is jerking his cock off, just to feel if the “therapy” has worked out.

Ava shows us how much of a versatile and caring doctor she really is, by letting her patient doggystyle fuck her in her ass, only to maintain the effect she has achieved, which she successfully does. We are more than sure that this certain patient has felt all the magic the medicine and a caring doctor can offer to him.


Ava Addams doing a lesbic scene

We all love lesbians, right? If you are one of those people, and we’re sure you are, then you are going to love watching Ava Addams eating out busty blonde Nikki Phoenix on an air-hockey table. That’s right, an air-hockey table. Ava Addams is really a sex plot queen, isn’t she? That’s only one of many reasons we all love her, and her videos.
The video starts with two busty MILFs sensually kissing and stripping down each other, while talking dirty to each other. We all love it when two girls know how to motivate our imagination. This is exactly what happens in this scene, as two hotties prepare themselves for some action.
Like always, Ava Addams is absolutely dominant, as she starts of by seductively rubbing Nikki’s wet pussy over her panties, than continues to finger Nikki with her lovely little fingers, making her even wetter than she was before. Nikki’s lustful moans only make the atmosphere better. As she spreads Nikki’s pussy wide, and tastes her clit, Nikki can’t help it but to moan in pleasure with her slutty mouth, and ask for more.
You can clearly see that Nikki can’t hide the pleasure she is receiving from Ava, who is fingering and licking her pussy at the same time. She yells and screams from enjoyment, as she wants more. At the end of her “treatment”, Nikki just smiles, as she sees and realizes how Ava is really good at what she does. We can see that too, Nikki.
As Nikki gets what she was looking for, it is time for Ava to be pleased. She slowly lays into doggy pose, and seductively rubs and moisturizes her stretched pussy. When Ava’s pussy is prepared, Nikki proceeds to softly rub it, all while Ava is leaned on the tables surface and fully pleased, like she deserves. We can see that Nikki just enjoys fully fingering and licking that beautiful pussy of Ava, and that Ava isn’t denied of any pleasure.
As Ava spreads her ass out wide, Nikki tries to give to her, what she has received from her, the ultimate pleasure. Nikki gives her best in eating out Ava’s wet and twitching clit, and by Ava’s reaction, it is safe to say that Nikki is not doing so bad.
At the moment of ultimate pleasure, Ava just shouts out “Yes!” with her famous cracked voice, to let us know that she truly enjoys it…

Let’s just not forget that is all happening on an air-hockey table, guys…


Hot MILF Ava Addams

Starts this video with a seducing monologue explaining what the definition of a true, experienced MILF, providing us with her sensual pussy-rubbing while we listen to her (I don’t really think many of us were listening, to be fair). I like how she emphasizes that it is important to “love sex” and “have fun”. That is what makes a real MILF stand out!

Blowjob part at the beginning of the sex shows us how really foxy Ava Addams is, you can really feel (well not really feel), what she is feeling. She shows real passion while sucking her sons dick, and the way she has asks her son if he likes it (which we well know that he does), is so seductive, and adds a lot to this scene.

Ava Addams is a nasty bitch, and she shows it to us while she gags on her sons hard cock, making it all juicy and slippery for her lovely mouth.

You just have to love the way her son fucks her huge triple-D boobs, and how she enjoys it. We would be lying if we said we aren’t enjoying it ourselves, right?

You just cannot help it, but to be jealous at her son. The way she rides him, makes you want to kill that son of a bitch and just knuckle under her.

Another sign where you can see how much Ava Addams really enjoys cock is how she changes her voice while riding that hard shaft, like she is some kind of a country singer.

Ava Addams really likes her cock wet, as she does not let it dry for not even one bit throughout the whole video. I guess that Shakespeare’s quote “The course of true love never did run smooth.”, doesn’t really imply to her.

It has to be admitted, though, her son really knows what she likes, as she is moaning and screaming for his hard, sloppy cock all the time.

Ava adores deep throating her sons dick, making the inside of her mouth really feel her son. Experience, or not, Ava Addams really gives the best blowjobs, and seductively teases her son at the same time.

After another sloppy blowjob session, her son then proceeds to fuck her in the pussy, slamming his cock hard into his mommy, which she fully enjoys.

This is where the video ends, and we are absolutely sure that this little story had a happy ending.


Ava Addams porn star

Ava Addams was born on 1981, the september 16th. Ava Addams have a height of 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) and a weight of 106lbs (48 kg). Ava Addams was born on Gibraltar near Spain and she looks like a beautiful spanish girl. She has a triple D boobs, some people says she was  under doctors’ hands a couple of times to have these amazing tits, but who knows…

Ava Addams recorded a lot of videos produced by Brazzers, a company located in USA where they work with top porn stars. Ava Addams started in the adult industry in 2008, recording lesbic scenes until she met Renna Ryann (Porn star) who helped her to be hired by Reality Kings. She is represented by LA Direct Models agency.

Addams was one of seven porn actress mentioned by Anthem song of Brian McKnight. In 2011 the Complex magazine stated her as 94th “Top 100 hottest porn stars”.

Ava was nomineed on 2012 by AVN Awards as “Milf/Cougar Performer of the Year”, on 2013 by Avn Awards as “Milf/Cougar Performer of the Year”, “Best Group Sex Scene” (for Big  Tits at Work 14, recorded in 2011) and nomineed by Xbiz Awards as “Milf performer of the year”. On 2014 Ava Addams was nomineed by Avn Awards as “Best Safe Sex Scene” (for Dorm Invasion 5, recorded in 2013), “Milf Performer of the Year” and by Nightmoves as “Best Milf Performer”. On 2015 was nomineed by 4 different academies. Avn Awards as “Milf Performer of the Year”, “Fan Award: Social Media Star”, “Fan Award: Hottest Milf”, by Nightmoves as “Best Milf Performer” (Winner), by Nightmoves fan Awards as “Best Milf Performer” and by Xbiz Awards as “Best Scene – Vignette Release” (Doctor Milf, 2014) , “Milf Performer of the Year”. On 2016 was nomineed by Avn Awards as “Fan Award: Hottest Milf”, “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” (Sexxxploitation of Abaigail Mac, recorded on 2015), “Milf Performer of the Year”, “Best Group Sex Scene” (Brazzers House recorded on 2015), nomineed by Xbiz Awards as “Best Scene – Vignette Release” (Tonight’s Girlfriend 41 recorded on 2015), “Best Scene – Gonzo Release” (Brazzers House, 2015), “Milf Performer of the Year” and by Xrco Awards as “Milf Performer of the Year”.